Newton Community Pride is supported by volunteers and donations from local businesses and the community.

Executive Board Board of Advisors
President: Ruth L. Barnett, Cambridge Savings Bank
Vice President: Jason Schweiger
Treasurer: Thomas H Boyd
Armand Andreassian
Bunny M. Aronson, Aronson Insurance
Deborah E. Black, New England Development
Timothy Braceland, Edward Jones
Penelope Caponigro
Barbara Darnell, ScinTech
Ellen Fisher, West Farm Graphics
Jo-Edith Heffron
Eileen Ingham
Marian Mandell
Lakshmi Narayan
Sally Pian
Lei Reilley
Elizabeth Reilly
Board of Directors
Joseph a DeVito, The Village Bank
Tony Nuzzo, First Commons Bank
Stanley N. Pearlstein
Terri M. Petrunyak, Whole Foods Market
Patricia G. Rand
Janet Razulis
Consultants Past Presidents
Linda R. Plaut, Mayor's Office for Cultural Affairs
Jeannie Smith, Mayor's Office for Cultural Affairs
Madelyn Bell, Special Projects
Tom Boyd, Website Management
Stanley Gaffin
Russell Stein
Steven J. Aronson